文庫Paperbacks (mainly in Japanese, some in French or Spanish)
文庫/CA* | 文庫/GOB*Travel guidebooks Japanese text. (Travel the world)
文庫/RGB* | 文庫/RRS*Travel guidebooks Japanese text. (Travel Japan)
文庫/TYK* | 文庫/LP*Travel guidebooks Japanese text. (Travel the world)
放送Textbooks published by The Open University of Japan
教科書School textbooks
Rare Book
※Books related Western studies around the Meiji Restoration
SARDA-Books related to Navalkishor collection. Books related religion research in India and Pakistan
日教資Japanese language textbooks published mainly in Wartime Japan
Privately Donated Collection
諸岡文庫Mainly Chinese *Not searchable by OPAC
八杉文庫Mainly Russian
吉原文庫Mainly Russian
冠木文庫Mainly Czech
蒲生文庫Mainly Urdu and Persian
菊地文庫Mainly Russian
Ôgata Collection>
共同利用/1/Collection Latin America: Brazil *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用/2/Studies in Contemporary Arabia *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用/3/Mongolian Kanjur *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用/4/Collections of Persian Studies *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用/5/Chôsen Nippô (1921.9-1979.12) *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用/6/The Library of the Late Professor Mark J. Dresden on Indo-Iranian Linguistics & Languages *Not searchable by OPAC
共同利用7/Materials on national and cultural movements in modern Korea
MF/Russian Narodnik research collections *Not searchable by OPAC
Doctoral Theses
博士論文Doctoral Theses of T.U.F.S. *Library doesn't have Graduation Theses and Master Theses.
TUFS Bulletins
TUFSTUFS Bulletins
C-DATS Collection
HUBC-DATS(Centre for Documentation & Area-Transcultural Studies)collection
Electronic media (*1)
Kyû-BunruiMaterials collected before April 1962. *Not searchable by OPAC
The Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa
浅井文庫※Mainly Books related Taiwan
王文庫※Mainly Books related Taiwan and Taiwan Language
前嶋文庫※Collections of Islamic and West Asian Studies
山本文庫※Mainly Linguistics (in general)
小林文庫※Mainly Books related Oriental history
大塚文庫Mainly Books related Middle East , Islam and anthropology
UCL.Rgn※Burmese Books donated by Yangon University Library
C.B.CBengali Books
MICRO※Microfilm and Microfiche
(*1)You can search for AV and Electronic media which are supplement to books, by setting your search item to [Location] and select [2F事務・・・・/closed stack].
Some Call numbers with ※ are not registered on OPAC.
Shin-bunrui: please refer to card catalogue and book form catalogue, according to ')the Outline of TUFS Library Collection.
AA ken Collection: please refer to card catalogue on Stack Room Level 1.